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First Blog Post

Well, here it is, my first post on my website. Maybe I do a post a week, maybe I do a post every hour. I doubt the latter, but I do feel I can be more personal here than I could on Facebook. I will post Youtube updates here (you should still subscribe tho... and

maybe some random photos, or perhaps you end up with a life update, who knows! I feel most of the blog posts will be a recap of my week and what I would like to get done next week, along with some goals that I would like to achieve in the short and long term. As far as my shop goes, I am not sure about having all my products from each brand in one area ( so this will be a test run. Although, I feel it does separate each collection enough so it not confusing. That being said, if anyone has any ideas, I am more than open to listen. I am not sure if you can tell or if it matters, but my site is hosted on Wix. So if you use Wix and have pointers, click on over to my contact form and lend me some knowledge! Other than that, my site does have a member portal where you can join and make a simple little profile that can store your orders and you can comment on my blog posts (I hope) and to top it off, I will give members exclusive access to early drops when new merch arrives and giveaways!

Well, thats all that is on my mind currently, so welcome to my site, and if you have any troubles or questions, send me a message!



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Website is absolutely on point! Your ambition and constant progress towards the things you love is inspiring man. You’re such a boss 🙌

Gefällt mir
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